photo by kathy davies

photo by kathy davies


I'm Denise.

A little about me.  First and foremost, I am a mom.  The first thing you learn when you become a mom, is that time flies.  When I had a baby, I never wanted to forget those teeny-tiny fingers and toes, that toothless smile, the peach-fuzz.  I didn’t want to forget what she looked like in my arms.  That is when I got completely hooked on photography and its ability to freeze moments forever.

As I travel along my photography journey, I am less interested in perfectly posed portraits of perfectly smiling faces, and more interested in capturing real life, real connections, laughter, love, and emotion.

What else can I tell you about myself?  I love root beer floats, tulips, and the color green.  I love being a mom.  And I love kids.  The fact that I get to photograph children so often makes me feel very lucky.  I’ve found that it is physically impossible to be in a bad mood when you are chasing a toddler around, acting silly, trying to snap their picture. It’s also a great workout! (And yes, by the way, all toddlers need to be chased for pictures.  No need to apologize when your tiny human runs in the opposite direction!).

Well, enough about me.  Thank you so much for stopping by.  If you’d like to inquire about a photo session, please head over to the contact page and drop me a note.  I’d love to hear from you!

Get to know me on Instagram.  (aka lots of pictures of my kid, my dog, and my attempts at vegetarian cooking.)