Kathy & Jamey :: Engagement Portraits :: Metro Detroit, MI

Meet, Kathy & Jamey.  They are getting married next year, and I had the honor of shooting engagement portraits for them. Kathy is quite possibly the best chiropractor in the world.  Seriously, look no further if you need a chiropractor...she is the best!  You can check out her website at HealingRochester.com.  I visit her office weekly, so I feel like I've really gotten to know her over the last year or so.  Actually, I felt like I knew her right off the bat, because she's not like a typical doctor...she really cares about her patients and you can immediately sense that when you go to see her.

I got to know Jamey during our session, and it was totally apparent how much he adores Kathy.  I got to hear the story about how he proposed to her, and all the thought and planning he put into it.  A true romantic (yes, they still exist, ladies!!).  You will see a picture below where they are standing in front of a doorway with a sign that says "Where We Began."  So cute, right?  Yeah, I can't take credit for that....it was Jamey's idea.  Oh, and the dancing spontaneously in the middle of the street?  His idea too.  See what I mean?

Simply put, these two are the cutest (I kept blurting that out during our session...I couldn't help it...they ARE!).  And I can see they are made for each other.  I had so much fun capturing these images with them.  I'm excited to share a sneak peek of some of my favorites...enjoy!

I'll say it one last time...Kathy & Jamey, you two are the cutest!  I had a blast with these, and hope you love your images.  Congratulations and happy wedding planning!  xo~denise