Kennedy & Lawson :: Child & Family Photography :: Rochester, MI

I got to take pictures of this crew on one of the most gorgeous days of the year.  Fall colors, warm temperatures and sunshine.  A beautiful day for a beautiful family. This session really reminded me what I love about photography.  Those candid, unplanned moments where I just sit back and get to capture it with my camera.  OK, with a 3-year-old involved, there was not a whole lot of me "sitting" for any length of time, but you get my point.  :)

I had so much fun with these guys, and I took about a billion photos of them, hence the extremely lengthy blog post, below.  They are just so darn adorable, I couldn't narrow things down any further than this.  Enjoy!

Thanks Andy, Kristin, Kennedy & Lawson for spending an evening in front of my guys are so much fun to photograph!!  xo ~denise