Ada :: Child Photography :: Rochester, Michigan

I had a friend in junior high / high school named Tammy.  This was not just any friend.  Tammy and I had that necklace with the heart-shaped pendant.  You know the one where the heart was broken in two, and it spelled "Best Friends" when you put the two pieces back together.  So yeah, we were pretty tight.  I wish I could remember if I was the "BE FRI" half or the "ST ENDS" half. :) As many friends do after high school, we sort of lost touch.  Thanks to social media, we found each other again many years later, but never really reconnected in the true sense of the word.  We finally made that happen when Tammy told me she needed 3 year pictures of her little girl.

Meet Ada.  She's Tammy's little one, and she's the sweetest little doll.  And holy she ever a spitting image of her mama.  As I was editing these pictures, I saw Tammy in every one.  Beautiful.  :)

There is something incredible about meeting the child of a long-time friend...someone you grew up with.  I can't quite describe it, but I'm sure many of you understand what I'm talking about.  That's how I felt when I met Ada. I was not only excited to meet this little cutie, but excited for the opportunity to photograph her.  And now I'm excited to share a few of my favorites from our day together.  Enjoy!

Tammy, it was so great to finally reconnect with you, and I'm so happy I got the chance to meet your beautiful little girl.  Thank you for asking me to do her 3 year photos...I had so much fun with you guys, and I hope you love your images!!  xo~denise