ada :: oakland township, michigan :: child photography

This cutie is the daughter of my long time friend, Tammy.  You may remember Ada from her photo session last year.  She's getting so big, and is just as adorable as ever!

It was a very chilly day, but Ada was a trooper.  After braving the cold for about an hour, we started to lose sunlight, so we headed inside where Ada got to spend some time with Violet.  It's funny how well they remembered each other after only meeting once over a year ago.  It's like they were instant bff's.  :)  Tammy wanted to try to get a couple shots of Ada in her Easter dress, and that's when we discovered Ada and Violet practically had identical Easter dresses!  I guess both of their mom's have fabulous taste.  ;)  Of course, Violet wanted to put her dress on as well and get a few shots together with her pal.

Below are some of my favorite images from our evening together.  Thanks for looking!

ada-child-photography4 ada-child-photography3 ada-child-photography1 ada-child-photography2 ada-child-photography7 ada-child-photography8 ada-child-photography5 ada-child-photography6 ada-child-photography14 ada-child-photography15 ada-child-photography13 ada-child-photography12 ada-child-photography10

Thanks Tammy and Ada for another fun photo shoot!  Hope we can get together again very soon!  xo~denise