Gavin {Oakland Township, Michigan - Child and Family Photographer}

I first met Gavin last summer for his six-month photo shoot.  I was so excited when his mom contacted me recently to take his 1-year pictures.  And then I realized....I had never blogged his first session!  So today I bring you a two-for-one blog post...Gavin's six-month AND 1-year photos!  It's so cool to see the changes they go through in such a short period of time.  Here he is at six-months, all baby, with his peachfuzz head, gummy smile and chubby cheeks.  :)

And here we are six months later.   Gavin has a thing for opening and closing doors.  We spent a lot of time by the front door!  Doesn't he look like a little man now?  "Hello there!"


Tom, Angela and Gavin...thank you for another great photo shoot!  And happy 1st birthday to Gavin!!