Charlotte {Rochester, Michigan - Child Photographer}

Meet Charlotte!  It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to photograph a little, tiny baby.  Charlotte was just 3 months old at the time of our shoot, so I was pretty excited for a good dose of peach-fuzz and baby rolls.   As you will see from the images below, she is pretty darn adorable.  I can’t get over those blue eyes!

I used to work with Charlotte’s mom, Julie, back in the day.  I’ve had a lot of former co-workers contacting me for shoots lately, and I love that I get to reconnect with them and also get to meet their littles.

Charlotte was in a somewhat serious mood for most of our shoot, but with a lot of help from Mom & Dad, we were able to get her to crack a few smiles for my camera.   And there were lots of expressions in between (which I think are just as important to capture).  I love all of the looks she was giving me!  Below are some of my favorites of this beautiful little lady.




 Mom at work, making some smiles.  :)

 When all else fails.  :)


 Seriously, I cannot get enough of those eyes!


 Those cheeks!

 I call this one:  "Whatchu Talkin' Bout Willis"





 Sometimes, this happens at a photo shoot.

 And then, this happens.  Zzzzzzzz...



Thank you so much Marc, Julie and little miss Charlotte for inviting me into your home to capture the cuteness!  I'm already looking forward to Char's 6 month shoot!  xo~denise