Olivia {Rochester, Michigan - Child & Family Photographer}

Olivia turned ONE at the end of April, and I was lucky enough to meet her soon after for a photo session.  This little cutie is the daughter of Sarah and Geoff.  Sarah and I worked together in advertising many moons ago, so I knew this was going to be a great shoot, knowing Sarah’s fun and laid back personality.   I was also really excited to finally meet her husband, Geoff, and of course, I was super excited to meet their little beauty, Olivia.

One-year-olds.   Not quite a baby anymore, but not quite a toddler.  They are busy, busy, busy - but so much fun!!   The littlest things, like throwing handfuls of grass, can provide endless entertainment.  I loved Olivia’s little expressions.  When she would see something that intrigued her, she would make her little lips into an O shape and say “ooooh.”  I also loved when we were doing the shots of Mom & Dad smooching…she would look up and just stare at them and smiiiiile.  :)

Olivia was just starting to get the hang of standing/walking, but during our session she didn't want to show off too much so she was fairly stationary (I'm not complaining...it is no easy task chasing a 1 year old for photos!).  She did surprise us though by standing up towards the end of our session...all by herself...and that is one of my favorite series of images.  I especially love the shot of Mom & Dad cheering her on.

I have to say, this is one of my favorite family sessions to date.  We lucked out with fabulous weather (if you live in Michigan, you know that is extremely rare for the month of May), and there was just so much love in front of my camera.  Looking at the images below makes me smile, and I hope it does the same for you.  Enjoy!
























Thank you Geoff, Sarah and Olivia for spending the evening in front of my lens!!  xo~denise