Shawn {Oakland Township, Michigan - Family Photographer}

Meet Shawn! He is 6 years old, and he has the missing front teeth to prove it.  :)  Shawn is the adorable son of Gloria and Todd (I used to work with Todd back in the day.  Yes, another advertising co-worker turned photography client!). I was excited when he contacted me about doing a photo session for Shawn. I’ve seen pictures and heard all about him, so I was glad to finally meet this little cutie in person. I was also excited when Todd mentioned that Shawn's big sisters, Amanda and Katie, were going to be home from college and would be joining us for the shoot. (You might recognize Katie, as she has graced my website/blog before when I shot her senior portraits).

Shawn has the sweetest personality, and he’s a very outgoing and talkative little guy. Immediately after we met, he grabbed my hand as we walked down the path to find our shooting location. I melted, and I just knew this was going to be a fun shoot.

While Shawn was definitely the star of the show, I have to say, the entire family was a blast to photograph. There is so much love in the pictures below.  I’m so honored I had the opportunity to capture it.

Below are a few of my favorites. Just look at this handsome guy!



 I just love this smile!!


 L O V E !

 Shawn impressed me with his Elvis-like dance moves!


 I was told this is Shawn's signature pose.  So of course we had to recreate it!




 I smile every time I look at this picture.  So much love captured here.  :)


 Shawn looks so cool in his aviators.  It was starting to get late and buggy at this point.  I photoshopped so many mosquitoes out of this image!  Thumbs up to Shawn (and the whole family) for hanging in there with me till the end!

Thanks Todd, Gloria, Amanda, Katie & Shawn for spending the evening in front of my lens!!  I had so much fun photographing your family, and I hope you love every single image!