Gavin {Oakland Township, Michigan - Child Photographer}

I first met Gavin when he was just 6 months old.  One year later, he is now 18 months old and one busy, busy guy.  I had lots of fun chasing him around the park, and I thoroughly enjoyed making him laugh.  You see, for our past sessions (which you can see here), he has generally had a pretty serious demeanor.  But this time around, I got so many belly laughs and giggles out of this kid.  Phew....because I thought I was losing my touch.  ;)  Below are a few of my favorites of 18-month-old Gavin.  You will get to see both his serious side as well as his giggly side.  Enjoy!




Who knew a park bench could provide endless entertainment?

 You can climb on it, stand on it, sit on it, crawl on it....  Seriously, the possibilities are endless.  :)

Oh here's that serious face I mentioned.  ;)

 Climbing = Smiling


 Belly laughs!






 "Hey, did you guys see that play structure over there?  See ya!"


Thanks Tom, Angela and Gavin for another great photo shoot!  I have loved watching your little guy grow over the past year!!  ~denise