The Perez Family {Metro Detroit Child and Family Photographer}

I’m excited to share some photos of one of my all-time favorite families, The Perez Family…Ben, Kim and Kali.

I’ve known Kim since we were young whipper-snappers in our 20’s. She’s been a wonderful friend to me all these years, and I love that I’ve had the opportunity to capture her family photos time and time again. (click here to see 2012 and 2013!).

And Little Miss Kali was actually one of my very first portrait subjects back when I decided to give photography a try. I’m going to share a couple of those images below so you can see her adorable 3-year-old face and also so we can all have a good laugh about my photography and editing skills at the time.

And I can’t forget Ben. He’s pretty cool too. ; )

For this year’s shoot, we decided to go to Belle Isle, which is sort of like a playground for photographers. It was all Kim’s idea, so the credit goes to her. But honestly, I’m not sure why I haven’t shot there before. Except that one time in the dead of winter when I got myself kicked out of the Conservatory. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been back. I’m so glad we went. There are so many great spots…bridges, gorgeous willow trees, water, city skylines, fountains, you name it. And to top things off, we got to have dinner in Mexicantown afterwards. Major bonus.

Below are a few (who am I kidding…MANY) of my favorites. Enjoy!

Okay, I promised some old shots so here we go.  I'm sure Kali's cuteness outweighs any of my deficiencies in photography circa 2009.  :)

 Another one of Kali at age 3.  I actually love this shot with her little tongue popping out.

Back to 2014.  We lucked out with such a beautiful day for our shoot.  Look at that blue sky.




 I love this kid.  She always laughs at my jokes and fart noises.  :)



 The fountain!!!  This was definitely a photo hot-spot on the island, but we were able to clear out our own little spot.




We let Kali be the creative director on a few of our shots..... :)

 I love this face of hers...

 The parentals :)


 They happened to have this red balloon in their car, so we decided to use it!



 Then this happened.  How cute are they???




Ben, Kim, Kali....I love you's guys.  ;) Thanks for inviting me to capture images of your family once again. xoxo~denise