Kaiden - 4 Years {Metro Detroit Child & Family Photographer}

If you have ever looked at my blog or followed me on Facebook, you will recognize this adorable little guy.  Kaiden is a definite contender for the "kid I've photographed most" award (besides Violet, of course).  I looked back, and realized I've shot his 3 month, 9 month, 1 year, 18 month, 2 year, and 3 year photos.  And now we can check 4 year photos off the list.   As usual, I had so much fun with this handsome little dude and his awesome parents.  Below are a some of my faves!

 metro-detroit-child-photographer5 metro-detroit-child-photographer3I thought it would be fun to share a few oldies but goodies.  Kaiden at 3 months...

kaiden-3moskaiden-3mos1metro-detroit-family-photographer4 metro-detroit-family-photographer3 metro-detroit-family-photographer2Always like to capture a lovey-dovey shot for Mom & Dad.


I just love a guy who laughs at all my jokes.  :) He had a few jokes of his own. metro-detroit-child-photographermetro-detroit-child-photographer8 metro-detroit-child-photographer7 metro-detroit-child-photographer6 metro-detroit-family-photographermetro-detroit-family-photographer1 metro-detroit-family-photographer6 metro-detroit-family-photographer7metro-detroit-child-photographer2 metro-detroit-child-photographer9 metro-detroit-family-photographer8 metro-detroit-child-photographer10 metro-detroit-child-photographer11 metro-detroit-child-photographer12 metro-detroit-child-photographer13

Jason, Angela & Kaiden...once again, it was so much fun capturing your beautiful family.  I love you guys!!