Life Love Lens - November {Metro Detroit Child Photographer}

It's that time again!  Time for another installment of Life Love Lens - A Blog Circle.  We have a smaller circle today...I think many of us photographers are still catching our breath from the month of October (I know I am...phew!).  Anyway, be sure to click through to each photographers blog to see what they are sharing this month.  Your eyes won't be disappointed.  The link will be at the end of this post! Today, I'm sharing some recent pictures I took of my nephew, Keiffer, who turned the big ONE-OH back in October.  Double digits...10!!  I adore this guy so much, even though he absolutely hates me sticking my camera in his face.  I try not to take it personally.  ;)

I've shot portraits for him a few times before, the latest of which was when he was eight, which you can see here.  I also did a shoot with him when he was 5 years old when I was just learning how to use my big girl camera.  I remember so vividly how he wore me out that day.  I get tired just thinking about it!  I've included a few flashback shots below.

We took his 10 year pictures back in September on the last day of summer.  We started out getting attacked by mosquitoes in the woods, and then some crazy weather rolled in, so we were battling wind and rain.  It was one of those shoots where mother nature just seemed to be working against us, but I feel like the conditions lent a certain mood to the photos.  At the end, we discovered an "awesome climbing tree" (Keiffer's words), so the shoot ended on a fun note...right before a monsoon blew in, and we had to dash to the car and call it a night.

Well, I'll stop talking and introduce you to my handsome, minecraft-loving, hockey-playing, 10-year old nephew.  Keiffer.

metrodetroitchildphotographer07 metrodetroitchildphotographer12

This shot below goes way back.  This was taken back in '07 when Keiffer was just 3  years old.  I took this on my little Olympus point-n-shoot camera while on vacation in Mexico (this was before my photography obsession began and before I had ever picked up a DSLR).  I know the image is blurry and grainy, but I just love this picture.  It's one of my favorite images I've ever taken of Keiffer.  He's still a baby, but you can see that serious boy inside.  Also, chubby cheeks!



And then this shot was from my first "official" shoot with Keiffer, when we has 5.  So much cuteness and silliness.

keiffer5years1 keiffer5years2

Fast forward a couple more years to when Keiffer was 8 and invoking smiles became exponentially more difficult...


...but not entirely impossible.


And here we are in 2014, getting attacked by mosquitoes and looking so grown up.

metrodetroitchildphotographer10 metrodetroitchildphotographer08 metrodetroitchildphotographer13 metrodetroitchildphotographer04 metrodetroitchildphotographer05 metrodetroitchildphotographer06 metrodetroitchildphotographer03 metrodetroitchildphotographer01 metrodetroitchildphotographer11 metrodetroitchildphotographer02 metrodetroitchildphotographer09

Thank you Keiff, for enduring bugs, wind, rain, and my camera in your face.  Maybe we should go back to Mexico for our next shoot.  :)

Thanks everyone for stopping by!  Now go and visit Theresa Hermus over in Milwaukee and see the fabulous shots she is sharing this month.