The Monschau Family {Metro Detroit Family Photographer}

I am so honored to share this post today.  In case you missed it, back in April, I started the Single Mom Project, which was an idea I had to give the gift of photography to one incredible single mom.  It was an extremely difficult decision choosing one person to win the photo session.  I wish I could have awarded it to every single person who entered.  But Jessica's story tugged at my heart so much.  I kept going back to her story over and over, and she was the name I announced on Mother's Day. When her husband, Sean, passed away 3 years ago, Jessica was thrown into single parenthood suddenly, without any warning.  Single parenthood is hard enough as it is, but having to do it all in the face of such a tragic loss...I cannot even fathom the amount of strength needed to get through.

Jessica told me, after losing Sean, she realized just how priceless pictures are.  She was so grateful to have those family pictures from years past.  But after Sean was gone, she had a hard time thinking about taking family portraits without him.  They were a family of four after all, and it was difficult to accept the fact that they were suddenly a family of three.  After time and lots of healing, Jessica felt ready to capture family moments again for her and her kids.   And that's why she entered this contest.

I was so happy to finally meet Jessica and her kids, Gavin and Gabrielle.  All three of them were so sweet, and it was an absolute pleasure to be in their company.  My heart breaks for their loss, but seeing their connection and the love between the three of them was simply beautiful.  I'm so happy that I got to capture these images for their family.

metro-detroit-family-photographer2 metro-detroit-family-photographer1 metro-detroit-family-photographer4 metro-detroit-family-photographer metro-detroit-family-photographer7

metro-detroit-family-photographer3 metro-detroit-family-photographer8 metro-detroit-family-photographer14 metro-detroit-family-photographer10 metro-detroit-family-photographer11 metro-detroit-family-photographer6 metro-detroit-family-photographer9 metro-detroit-family-photographer5 metro-detroit-family-photographer15

Jessica, it was such a pleasure finally meeting you and your beautiful children.  I hope these photos make you smile for many years to come.  Thank you so much for being a part of the Single Mom Project.  You are an amazing woman and an inspiration!  xo ~ denise