Life Love Lens :: December {Metro Detroit Child Photographer}

Ten days til Christmas and another installment of Life Love Lens - A Blog Circle!!!  I'm sure we all have shopping to do, gifts to wrap, cookies to bake, elves to hide and lots of celebrating to do.  So I will try to keep this brief! The last couple years I have been putting together a photo book to gift to my parents (and myself) on Christmas.  It captures the events and milestones, as well as the "everyday" of our last year.  It's a pretty time consuming project (doesn't help that I don't begin working on it until December...I'm a major procrastinator!), but I look forward to it because it really forces me to go through my personal photos and get them somewhat organized.  It also gives me the opportunity to look back and enjoy the many, many, MANY photos I took over the course of the year (some of which I completely forgot about). The first couple years, my photo books were about 50 pages.  My 2014 book is...gulp...120 pages.  I guess I succeeded at my goal of shooting more personal work this year...yikes!  I am anxiously awaiting it's arrival in the mail!

As I was putting my 2014 book together, there were so many pictures that stood out to me.  Pictures that, at the time of shooting them, I didn't give them a second look.  But looking at them months later, they left an impression on me for some reason.  They may not be technically perfect images, but they tell a story.  A little piece of our story.  I suppose that is why I gravitated back to them.  Random sidenote... A lot of these images also happened to be in black & white.

You see where this is going, right?  For December's edition of Life Love Lens, I'm sharing these newly discovered favorites from my personal photo collection.  All in black & white.  When you're finished here, don't forget to visit all the other photographers in our blog circle, starting with the very talented Theresa Hermus!

This first photo is a favorite because it captures my Dad and Violet shopping in Puerto Vallarta (one of my favorite places to vacation).  My Dad just adores Violet beyond words.  Knowing he used to carry me like this long, long, ago...this shot just made my heart smile.  :)  I also love the hustle & bustle you can see in the background.


Another favorite from our vacation in Puerto Vallarta.  It was sunset and we were on a balcony overlooking the bay.  It was a beautiful night.  Violet is a social butterfly, so she is really in her element here, even though she is hanging with all adults.


This one is a fave because it captures a pre-bedtime moment where Violet is playing with her baby doll, Lefty Lucy.  We found this doll when out shopping a couple years ago, and she has been by Violet's side ever since.  She is pretty rough looking at this point (a definite sign of a toy being loved!), but she is still the favorite!  As for the name...Violet came up with Lucy.  I added Lefty, and it just stuck.


And another favorite with Lefty Lucy.  You can never have too many pictures of your baby sleeping, can you?  It is definitely a recurring theme in my personal photos!


Here's a portrait of my other baby.  Mr. Alex P. Keaton.  It's a favorite because...well...those EYES.  And the eyebrows.  And the whiskers.  I love this little man.  I love how chill he is here...he can be pretty high-strung and usually will jump to his feet when I go to grab the camera.  He must have been pretty comfy here!


I love this shot because we are at one of our favorite restaurants.  Violet and I go here A LOT after her dance or swim lessons on the weekend.  And this is the look I get frequently when she is sick of me taking pictures!  Ha!  We were both frustrated with each other at the time, but now when I look back at it, I crack up!  This one is definitely getting shown at her wedding some day.  ;)


My dad was always tinkering around on the piano when I was a kid.  My parents no longer own a piano, but my brother does (a pretty awesome one at that), and my dad can never resist the keys.  This was taken on Father's Day.


Here's a moment with me and my little girl.  We took a drive to Lake St.Clair one day in the summer.  I had taken a bunch of shots of her, when finally she asked, "Mama, can we take a selfie?"  Selfies are pretty difficult to take with a big DSLR and when you have short arms like me!  My face is completely out of focus, we both have windblown beach hair, and those sunglasses are WAY too big for my face.  HA!   But I love this shot anyway.  I especially love her sweet smile and how she has her arm around me and her head on my shoulder.  I will always remember this as the "mama can we take a selfie" moment.


I love this image because it was taken Up North...a great place to be.  It was a gloomy day, but we were out enjoying the beach.  This was her favorite dress of the moment.  I think she lived in it for a week straight... I could not get her to wear anything different!


Most people would probably look at this and think this is some forced "cheese" smile.  But no, this is how she looks when she laughs, and I love it...especially the scrunched nose.  I love pictures of her laughing because it is SO hard to get her to smile naturally for the camera.  She knows all my tricks, so I really have to pull out all the stops.  People in the vicinity must think I'm a total weirdo/obnoxious.  But I don't care.  When I get her to laugh AND look at the camera like this, I give myself a high-five.


And we go from scrunchy-nosed smiles to this next one.  A couple of sullen reindeer.  I was taking pictures for our 2014 Christmas cards when I captured this.  I could NOT. STOP. LAUGHING. when I was reviewing all the images and came across this shot.  It didn't make the Christmas card, but it might get printed on a big canvas that comes out at Christmastime every year.


And like that, 2014 is almost over.  Wow!  Thanks so much for stopping by to check out my photos.  Don't forget to click over to Theresa Hermus' blog to see what she is sharing today!

Wishing you and your families a wonderful holiday season!!  xo ~ denise