Studio Space {Metro Detroit Child Photographer}

Well hello and happy December! As flurries start to fly and the temperature drops, one question I commonly get asked is: “Do you have a studio?” My answer has always been something along the lines of: “Unfortunately no, I would love to though. Maybe someday.” (internal sigh) I think every photographer toys with the idea of having their own studio space…especially those of us who live in climates where winter seems to drag on for 7+ months. (I still love you, Michigan). For me, the idea of having a studio has been a far-away dream (and to be honest, a highly unlikely one).  But, sometimes ideas that seem like an impossible dream have a way of turning into a tangible opportunity. Sometimes things just fall in your lap. And sometimes you have to put doubts aside and go for it.

So….I’m happy to say, the next time I get asked whether I have a studio, my new answer will be….“Why yes I do! It’s located just a few minutes north of downtown Rochester, steps away from the Paint Creek Trail and right across from the Paint Creek Cider Mill.” (Cider + Donuts = Bonus!)

I’m beyond excited, a little bit nervous, and mostly grateful that I have this opportunity to grow as a photographer.

I also have to mention that with the launch of the new studio space, I have completely re-vamped my prices, which you can see over on my investment page. I will now be offering a greater variety of packages at different price ranges. The new offering I’m most excited about is called the “Studio 7” for $150. Be sure to check out my new pricing as I really think there is a session to meet everyone's needs.

Lastly, I'd like to share a few shots that I’ve taken in the new space.  Thank you to my adorable models who helped me create these images!

If you are interested in setting up a session, you know where to find me! I’d love to see you at the studio!!

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