Gavin turns Two {Metro Detroit Child & Family Photograper}

This is Gavin, and I've been photographing his adorable face since he was just a baby.  I was looking back at his 6 month, 1 year and 18 month photos, and was feeling all warm and fuzzy about the fact that I've gotten to watch this guy grow from baby to toddler.  I really do love when clients call me back to photograph another milestone for their child, because I love to see what they're up to.  How they've changed and how their little personalities have developed.  When I first met Gavin, he was a chunky baby with peach fuzz hair who could barely sit up on his own, and now he's running around my studio rearranging the furniture and climbing up and down step stools! After some fun in the studio, we were able to get outside for some fun in the snow.  (Shout out to Mother Nature...thanks for the 30 degree temps!).   I seriously had a blast with this shoot.  Chasing a toddler around in the snow is good for the soul.  I would pretend to fall down every once in a while to get Gavin to stop and look at me (sneaky photographer trick), and every time he'd come and give me his hand to help me up.  I mean, seriously, this boy just melted my heart.  And then he'd throw snow at me (which was totally my fault, because, well, I may have started it).  Two...such a great age.  Tom & Angela, this is when the fun really starts.  :)

I was working hard for these giggles!

 He brought a few friends.

 He also really wanted to escape from the studio.  We had to lock the door!

Outside, and taking it all in.





 This guy is FAST.



 A brief moment of standing still.  :)

 That face!!!  Gavin you are so handsome.

And, it's a wrap!

Tom, Angela, Gavin...thank you for another wonderful shoot!  Enjoy your photos!  I can't wait to find out which ones make it onto your photo wall.  :)