My Funny Valentine :: February Blog Circle :: Metro Detroit Child Photographer

I recently re-worked our schedules so that Sundays are a completely free day for us. No extra-curricular activities, no plans, no nothing. I found I was constantly running on the weekends…always had some place to be…was always running late for something, and I was left with no time to recharge. So last Sunday, we experienced our first “free day” in quite some time. I made breakfast. We watched Frozen. We stayed in our pajamas well into the afternoon. I braided Violet’s hair like Elsa’s. She put on the homemade tutu I’ve been working on (which is still unfinished, but you only notice if you look at the back!). We worked on Valentine crafts. We went outside and made a snowman. It was the best day we’ve had in a while.

I wanted to share a few images from that wonderful Sunday with my little Valentine. And today is Blog Circle day (actually it's more of a square since we only have four photographers today!), so after you’re finished here, don’t forget to visit Emily Hutson to see what she's been up to. Thanks!


 The unfinished tutu...

 There is something about this image below.  I think I need an oversize print or canvas of this one.



 So, I bought a heart-shaped paper punch and it's been a big hit.  We were supposed to be working on Valentine's cards for her classmates, but she wanted to make this mask instead.

 And so she became "The Valentine Bandit"


 This little bandit stole my heart.

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