If I'm being honest...

Rochester, Michigan - Child Photographer

If I’m being honest, I’ve been terrible about keeping this little photography blog updated.  Actually, I’ve been terrible about making time to shoot photography.  I’m just a frazzled, tired, working mom, with a very active six-year-old, and this photography thing that I squeeze in on the side when I come up for air. 

And when you’ve not made the time to work on your photography (aka, me), it makes it a wee bit challenging to get clients.   I’m not complaining…I totally get why people might not be lining up for a shoot when my blog and Facebook page is like {insert sound of crickets chirping}.

So I just want to say I am incredibly thankful for the friends who have continued to come to me for their photos.  I might be a little tired and frazzled, but every time I get to document your families, I feel that little spark and adrenaline rush that got me into this crazy hobby/business in the first place.

And speaking of dear friends who visit me once a year for photos, here is one of them.  Jason and I go back to the 90s when we were young punks living the big ad agency life (which is not as exciting as it sounds).  Now, we both have six-year-olds (born a week apart, how crazy is that?!).  

Jason contacts me every summer, like clockwork, for Kaiden's yearly pictures.  We met on a beautiful, yet very mosquito-ey evening, late last summer.  Here are some pictures from their session.  :)