Fall Family Photos - Rochester, MI Photographer

There’s a saying in the photography community:  “October is to Photographers what April is to Accountants.” 

This October has been no exception!  I have had so much FUN capturing so many wonderful families (and one high school senior!) this month.  And I’d like to give a shout out to Mother Nature, because (aside from being a bit chilly) the weather has actually been very cooperative (I have one more shoot this weekend, so fingers crossed that the trend continues!). 

And let’s talk about that gorgeous fall color.  That’s why October is such a popular month for family photo sessions, isn’t it?  We go from seeing lots of green in our Instagram feed to the golden tones of autumn.  It really makes for some beautiful family photos.

Fall Family Photos in Michigan

But can I tell you a secret?  While fall colors are lovely, they are secondary to the people in my photos.  Fall, winter, spring or summer…indoor or outdoor…my  number one goal when I shoot your family portraits is to capture authentic emotion and connection. 

When you look back on your pictures in 5, 10, 20 years, I don’t want you to just remember what you all looked like in the Fall of 2018.  I want you to feel what it was like to be in that moment in time. 

Metro Detroit Toddler Photographer

I want you to remember little toddler hands squishing your cheeks.  I want you to remember exploding with joy upon hearing your baby’s laughter. Swinging your child back and forth until you thought your arms would fall off… but doing it anyway because they loved it.  Eskimo kisses.  Endless cuddles. Silly moments.  Serious moments. Real emotion, love, connection. 

Yes, autumn is a gorgeous backdrop for all of this!  Just check out the images below for a dose of fall color.  But what I really hope you see is this family’s love for each other…and that’s prettier than all the yellow & orange leaves on a million trees.

 Hey!  If you dropped the ball and did not book an October photo session…just know it’s never too late to capture amazing family portraits…no matter the season.  Contact me today to inquire about your very own session!