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Hello!  Does it finally feel like fall here in Metro Detroit, or what?  Leaves are changing, the air is getting crisp at night, and all I want is a warm cider mill donut (or 2, or 3, okay just give me the entire bag).  October is almost synonymous with family photos here in Michigan, and I totally get it.  It's a beautiful time of year, not to mention the perfect time to update your photos for holiday cards.  Yeay Fall!

But, can we talk a little bit about the months that follow?  You know...the next 6 months when many of us just want to hibernate indoors?  Michigan winters can be brutal, but this doesn't mean that family photos have to be put on the back burner!!  In fact, I absolutely love shooting family photos on-location, in clients' homes.  Besides Michigan's uncooperative weather, there are several of other reasons why I love in-home family photography.

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Relaxed Setting

Where else are you more relaxed than when you are at home?  I totally notice a difference when I show up for an in-home family session versus when I’m meeting a family at a park or other public location. Everyone just seems more at ease when they are at home, especially small children.  In fact, they are usually excited to show me their room and their favorite toys.  This allows me to connect with them much quicker and really capture their true personality.

More Options

You might think that shooting in-home will limit your options on the number of shots/backgrounds, but that is not the case!  I actually find the opposite to be true.  Sometimes, outdoor/park settings can be limiting because the light is only good in certain areas and at certain times.  There can be random passersby that we need to work around.  Shooting in-home, however, does not have those limitations.  I love to utilize many different locations:  everyone piled on the sofa, kids playing in their bedrooms, snack time in the kitchen, and of course my favorite, cuddles on mom & dad’s bed.  Bonus:  the lighting indoors is usually very flattering and easy to work with. I love me some soft window light!  And, of course, weather permitting, I do love to get outside in the backyard for a few shots.  

Everyday Moments

In-home family photography lends itself to capturing organic, everyday moments.  As a mom myself, I completely understand how fast it all goes by, and I have some real fears associated with forgetting all the little things (or being too busy to appreciate them in the first place!).  These “forgettable moments” are the moments that I never want to forget.  In-home family sessions provide so many unscripted moments that make beautiful photographs.  You will be so happy that we captured them.   

"But Denise, my home is too dark / not big enough / not perfectly decorated enough..."

Nonsense!!  This is your HOME, your PEOPLE, your STORY.  That’s all the beauty we need.  And if you think your house is too dark…do you have windows and a front door?  Yes?  Then we’ll be fine.  I’ll find the light and make pretty pictures for you... promise!

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Denise Button is a child and family photographer located in Rochester, Michigan and serving the Metro Detroit area.  She focuses on fun, lighthearted, candid moments and real connections.

K & J - Metro Detroit, Child & Family Photographer

“A dad is a son’s first hero.” - Unknown

Yes, I was on Pinterest earlier looking at cheesy, father/son quotes.  :)

Here are the two guys that inspired my cheesy Pinterest quote search.  Jason is a long-time friend of mine, and Kaiden is his little mini-me, who I have photographed since he was just 3 months old.  They moved over an hour away, which I am bummed about, but I'm so glad they make the trek down to Rochester, MI every year for their family photos.

A few things about Kaiden:  He’s SEVEN;  he has eyelashes for days (#jealous);  he has some sweet new Vans;  he’s really excited for Halloween (but is still undecided about this year's costume...it's a BIG decision!);  he’s very silly and adorable with a killer smile (aka future heartbreaker).

A few things about Jason:  We used to work together in the advertising biz;  he no longer works in the advertising biz (#jealous); one of my favorite memories of him is when he karaoke’d “Busy Child” by the Crystal Method (In case you are unfamiliar, this song barely has any words and mainly consists of a repetitive screeching sound);  he is a kick-ass dad and all around great person (hence my cheesy quote, above).  :) 

And now I've just spent the last half-hour listening to 90s electronic music on You Tube, but I digress...

I love photographing these two together.  First of all, Kaiden is like THEE easiest kid to photograph, so it’s nearly impossible to take a bad picture of him.  But more importantly, these two have such a sweet connection, and I just love to capture that....that is why I am a family photographer!  If I did my job, you will see and feel the love in the photos below.  Here are some of my faves…enjoy!!

Denise Button is a child and family photographer located in Rochester, Michigan and serving the Metro Detroit area.  She focuses on fun, lighthearted, candid moments and real connections.

Callum and the Gang - Metro Detroit Child & Family Photographer

This family has made many, many appearances on my blog.  I recently blogged their baby's entire first year, which you can see here.  I just love shooting milestone photography sessions and watching as these little babes grow and develop their personalities.  Little baby Callum is not much of a baby anymore...he's now 18 months old and on the go!  (I feel like I JUST shot his newborn photos!!)

Their oldest, Gavin, is 4 1/2 and such a little man now!! He led me around the park by the hand and was so excited to show me his stomping grounds. 

It was a beautiful evening in Rochester, Michigan.  I'm excited to share a few of my favorites of this beautiful family.  Enjoy! 

Thanks Tom, Angela, Gavin & Callum for another fun shoot!!