Bianca - Class of 2015 :: Life Love Lens - January {Metro Detroit Senior Portraits}

Happy New Year and welcome to another installment of Life Love Lens!  I have to admit, I was almost going to bail on my fellow photographers this month, and not participate in the blog circle.  Because, unfortunately, I barely picked up my camera over the holidays.  I know, I know...what kind of photographer does not try to capture every moment of Christmas & New Year's with their family???  Well...I guess this kind of photographer...aka, me.  I think prepping for Christmas, opening the studio, etc. left me a bit drained, and I just couldn't pick up the camera.  And that left me with no material for January blog circle. But then...I remembered that I have 500 or so images sitting on my hard drive from waaaay back in October.  That's when I shot my niece, Bianca's, senior portraits.  It's pretty much a photographer rule of thumb that family members have to wait like 5 times as long to get their photos, right??  ;)

I figured January blog circle was as good an excuse as any to dive into Bianca's photos and finally share a few.  When you are done checking these out, please head over to Theresa Hermus' blog and then click through to all the other fabulous photographers that participate in the circle.  Your eyes will thank you.  :)

And here is the oh so lovely, Bianca...



 If you see a red brick wall, you have to shoot in front of it...right?



 Hands favorite shot of Bianca right here....

 I mean, come she gorgeous or what???



Bianca!!  I'm sorry this took me so long to share a sneak peek for you!   There will be many more to come, my dear.   Love you!!  xo ~ denise

Miranda - Class of 2015 {Metro Detroit Senior Portrait Photographer}

Meet Miranda - Class of 2015.  I had so much fun with her senior portraits!  I just loved her wardrobe selection and all the different looks she incorporated.  I told her I might have to hire her as a fashion stylist someday, and I was not kidding! This was a tough session to narrow down!  I could not take a bad picture of this girl if I tried.  Here are a few...okay many...of my favorites!














 are the definition of fabulous!  Thank you for spending an evening in front of my camera.  I truly had a blast with your session, and  I hope you love your pictures!!  xo ~ denise

Jessica - Class of 2015 {Metro Detroit Senior Portrait Photographer}

You might remember Jessica from a previous post here on my little blog.  Last year, I did a couple of shoots to grow my senior portrait portfolio.  Jessica was a junior at the time, and was one of the lovely girls I had the opportunity to work with.  You can see some of those pictures here.  I was surprised and excited when she contacted me a couple months ago about shooting her senior, for real this time!  ;)

We shot in early-September in Clarkston, and we could not have had a more beautiful day.  Jessica was so fun to photograph...not only is she completely laid back, she is absolutely gorgeous.  We started downtown and then headed to a nearby park for a mixture of city and nature.  We even got to finish with an amazing field of flowers.  It could not have been more perfect.  I am so in love with these photos!

 Can I just take a moment to say that I love Jessica's necklace?


The shot below ended up being one of my favorites from her session.  After I set up the shot, I wasn't so sure about the location or the angle, but then she laughed (sometimes my stupid attempts at making people laugh actually work!), the wind blew her hair just right, and I clicked the shutter.  Photography jackpot.


And then it was time for some nature and dreamy sunset light...





 And here's that amazing field of flowers we found.  Pure luck.  I went back to the same spot just a couple weeks later and they were long gone.  Our timing was perfect, Jessica!



Jessica, thank you so much for choosing me for your senior portraits.  You are a true beauty and it was an absolute pleasure capturing these photos!  xo ~ denise