K & J - Metro Detroit, Child & Family Photographer

“A dad is a son’s first hero.” - Unknown

Yes, I was on Pinterest earlier looking at cheesy, father/son quotes.  :)

Here are the two guys that inspired my cheesy Pinterest quote search.  Jason is a long-time friend of mine, and Kaiden is his little mini-me, who I have photographed since he was just 3 months old.  They moved over an hour away, which I am bummed about, but I'm so glad they make the trek down to Rochester, MI every year for their family photos.

A few things about Kaiden:  He’s SEVEN;  he has eyelashes for days (#jealous);  he has some sweet new Vans;  he’s really excited for Halloween (but is still undecided about this year's costume...it's a BIG decision!);  he’s very silly and adorable with a killer smile (aka future heartbreaker).

A few things about Jason:  We used to work together in the advertising biz;  he no longer works in the advertising biz (#jealous); one of my favorite memories of him is when he karaoke’d “Busy Child” by the Crystal Method (In case you are unfamiliar, this song barely has any words and mainly consists of a repetitive screeching sound);  he is a kick-ass dad and all around great person (hence my cheesy quote, above).  :) 

And now I've just spent the last half-hour listening to 90s electronic music on You Tube, but I digress...

I love photographing these two together.  First of all, Kaiden is like THEE easiest kid to photograph, so it’s nearly impossible to take a bad picture of him.  But more importantly, these two have such a sweet connection, and I just love to capture that....that is why I am a family photographer!  If I did my job, you will see and feel the love in the photos below.  Here are some of my faves…enjoy!!

Denise Button is a child and family photographer located in Rochester, Michigan and serving the Metro Detroit area.  She focuses on fun, lighthearted, candid moments and real connections.