Jaclyn & Chris :: Engagement Photography :: Rochester, Michigan

It's not very often I get to do an outdoor winter shoot, so I was excited when Chris contacted me in need of outdoor engagement photos.  Jackie was traveling home for the holidays, so we planned our shoot for New Year's Eve. Snow had just arrived in time for Christmas, so we had a beautiful winter wonderland as our backdrop.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  And very fitting, since they will be having a winter wedding.

I must say, it was a bit chilly while we were shooting, but you wouldn't know it from the pictures...these two really braved the cold and did a fantastic job looking adorable.  :)

Below are a few of my favorites from our snowy session.  Enjoy!

Jackie & Chris...thank you so much for braving the cold with me and for spending the afternoon in front of my camera.  xo ~ denise

Kathy & Jamey :: Engagement Portraits :: Metro Detroit, MI

Meet, Kathy & Jamey.  They are getting married next year, and I had the honor of shooting engagement portraits for them. Kathy is quite possibly the best chiropractor in the world.  Seriously, look no further if you need a chiropractor...she is the best!  You can check out her website at HealingRochester.com.  I visit her office weekly, so I feel like I've really gotten to know her over the last year or so.  Actually, I felt like I knew her right off the bat, because she's not like a typical doctor...she really cares about her patients and you can immediately sense that when you go to see her.

I got to know Jamey during our session, and it was totally apparent how much he adores Kathy.  I got to hear the story about how he proposed to her, and all the thought and planning he put into it.  A true romantic (yes, they still exist, ladies!!).  You will see a picture below where they are standing in front of a doorway with a sign that says "Where We Began."  So cute, right?  Yeah, I can't take credit for that....it was Jamey's idea.  Oh, and the dancing spontaneously in the middle of the street?  His idea too.  See what I mean?

Simply put, these two are the cutest (I kept blurting that out during our session...I couldn't help it...they ARE!).  And I can see they are made for each other.  I had so much fun capturing these images with them.  I'm excited to share a sneak peek of some of my favorites...enjoy!

I'll say it one last time...Kathy & Jamey, you two are the cutest!  I had a blast with these, and hope you love your images.  Congratulations and happy wedding planning!  xo~denise