Lucia :: Baby Photography

Little Lucia is 6 months old!  Of course, babies of any age are super fun and completely adorable, but there is something about 6 months that I just love.  It seems like their little personalities really start to shine at that age.  And as a photographer, I love that they can't run away from me yet.  ;) Lucia is the daughter of my friend and co-worker Kara and her husband Jim.  I had the pleasure of photographing Lucia's newborn photos last winter, which you can see here.  I was thrilled when Kara asked me if I would take Lucia's 6 month photos.

We had one of those absolutely gorgeous end-of-summer days with fantastic light.  I had so much fun working with Lucia...she is seriously a little doll.  And her eyes...please...have you ever seen eyes so blue?   I'm really excited to share a few images from our session...Enjoy!

Kara, Jim & Lucia...Thank you for letting me capture these photos of your beautiful family!  xo~denise

Kaiden. Child Photography.

This is my little buddy Kaiden.  He holds a special place in my heart because he is the son of my great friends, Jason & Angela.  I've been lucky enough to do Kaiden's photos since he was 3 months old.  He recently turned TWO, and he's growing into such an adorable little man! Don't let his serious face fool you...we had a ton of fun at his photo session.  We went to Tenhave Woods in Royal Oak...there was dirt, sticks, spider webs and we even found a frog hiding in a was a little boy's paradise!  And we eventually got him to crack a few smiles as you will see below.  :)


Thanks Angela, Jason and Kaiden for another fun photo shoot!!  Hope to see you guys soon.  xo ~ denise

Diane & Todd. Wedding Photography.

I was so excited and honored when Diane asked me if I would photograph her wedding. She and I used to be co-workers, so I feel like I've known her forever (forever equals approximately 10 years in the advertising business). Diane is truly one of the sweetest and most laid-back people I know. Diane and Todd are so adorable together, and their wedding day was absolutely beautiful. I had such a great time documenting their big day. Every detail was gorgeous!

Diane and Todd ~ Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your wedding day!  I am so happy for the two of you!  Enjoy this little sneak peek...

Congrats again to Diane and Todd!!  It was an honor to be a part of your wedding day.  Wishing you much love & happiness!   xo ~ denise

My Birthday Girl.

I can hardly believe it as I sit here and baby is turning two this week.  TWO!  How did this happen so fast?  I know all parents say this, but it seems like just yesterday I brought her home from the hospital. She was instantly the love of my life, and I think it goes without saying, she became my new favorite subject to photograph. We spent our days dancing to reggae music (a good nap inducer, I learned), practicing tummy time skills, and of course...more pictures. Here is one of my favorite pictures of her, ever.

Before I knew it, she was sprouting teeth, sitting on her own and crawling.  Crawling!  I knew that taking her picture would never be easy again...she had places to go!

Yep...there she goes.

And then there's the whole walking thing, which happened right around her 1st birthday.  Just look at the crazy excitement in her eyes!  Once again, taking her picture just got a bit more difficult...

So, another year has gone by, and I can't believe how much she has grown and changed.  Not only does she walk...she runs, jumps, climbs, and goes down the slide head first.  She is a chatterbox.  We have real conversations, and she cracks me up every day.  Oh, and the singing!  The girl loves to sing as well as play the piano.  She even knows how to operate several Apple products. :)

And that little fuzzy head you saw in the above photos is filling in with some major curls!

I look at her now and she is so different from that little peanut in the newborn photos, but I can still see my little newborn in there somewhere.  This motherhood thing sure is amazing.

Well, enough gushing.  My baby is turning TWO and I wanted to share some recent photos I took of her.  We went out to a random field at sunset, goofed around, picked flowers, and sat in an adorable wooden rocking chair that just so happened to be there (okay, I may have brought the rocking chair).  The light was amazing, and she was such a trooper hiking through all the tall weeds and getting dirt between her toes...all so Mama could get the shots she had bouncing around in her  little photographer head.

Happy Second Birthday to my baby, Violet Eve.


Thanks so much for reading this very long post, and for indulging me while I show you picture after picture of my little girl.  I actually did a separate photo session with her involving a pink and purple tutu.  It was so girly and fun!  I'm excited to share those images as well, but I know when to stop.  :)  I will save the tutu session for another blog post in the very near future.

Thanks again for looking!  xo ~ denise

Grace & E.J. Child Photography.

I am so excited to share the following images of Grace and E.J.  These little cuties belong to my wonderful friends, Courtney & Ezra.  I'm so happy with all of their photos...I had a really hard time narrowing it down for my blog. does not get any cuter than this!  Meet Little Miss Grace (4) and her handsome brother E.J. (2).


Thanks for looking!  xo~denise

Mikey & Max. Wedding Photography.

Back in May, I had the pleasure of photographing Mikey & Max's wedding day.  The ceremony and reception took place at Cobblestone Farms in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which is one of the coolest and most unique wedding venues I've ever seen!  It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony...Mikey & Max were surrounded by family, friends, and a few roosters and horses!  :)  The celebration continued in an old barn that has been converted into a fabulous reception venue.  Every last detail was beautiful and perfect.  It was an honor to be a part of the festivities.  I shot this wedding with my good friend and photography-partner-in-crime, Emily Hutson.  Thanks for letting me tag along, Em!  Below are a few of my favorites from Mikey & Max's big day!


Congrats to the happy couple, Mikey & Max!

The Yankee Family. Family and Children Photography

Meet the Yankee family.  This was my second time photographing this lovely bunch.  The first time was about two years ago...their little twins were not even crawling yet.  Now, they are 2 and a half!  And the big sisters...they are getting to be so grown up and keep getting more and more beautiful.   I was excited to have the opportunity to photograph them all again.  I had a ton of fun during our session...despite the insane heat that day!  We were able to get lots of great shots before we all melted.  Below are a few of my favorites...enjoy!


Big thanks to the Yankee family for a wonderful session.  You have a beautiful family!    xo ~ denise

A Family of Four.

I recently had the opportunity to photograph this lovely family of four.  We had a great time during our session, despite getting caught in a downpour.  Luckily, the rain blew over quickly, and we were able to get lots of great pictures!  Below are some of my favorites...


Thanks for looking!!  xo ~ denise

Violet. Child & Family Photography.

Meet Violet.   I met her last summer when I was doing some photography for her mom, Amy, who is the creator of a super adorable line of baby & children's clothes called Chasing Violets.  It was so fun photographing all of Amy's beautiful creations, and Violet was such a good little model!  I was super excited when Amy contacted me recently to shoot Violet's two-year pictures.  I knew she would be dressed in something fabulous, of course.  And she is at that wonderful toddler age where they constantly run away from the camera.  So I was, quite literally, Chasing Violet.  ;)  Here are a few of my favorites.

Thanks Amy, Justin and Violet for a fun photo session!  And best wishes to you as you welcome baby #2 in the next couple of weeks!  xo ~ denise

Lucia. Newborn Photography.

Meet Lucia.  She is the daughter of my friend and day-job co-worker, Kara, and her husband, Jim.  I sit right next to Kara ( 3 feet away from her), so I was convinced that Lucia already knew me when I showed up to take her photos.  After all, she had been hearing my voice for nine months.  :) I absolutely love when I get the opportunity to take newborn photos.  There is nothing quite like a tiny, new baby.  Everything about them is so miraculous, and they are only that tiny for such a brief period!!  I love getting to capture that precious time for a new family.

Lucia was born at the end of February, and her photos were done in March.  The transition to my new website/blog delayed me from sharing these until now.  The birth announcements went out long ago, but I still wanted to share a few images of beautiful Lucia.  Thanks to Kara & Jim for allowing me to capture these images of your little miracle!  xo ~ denise



Emiko. Newborn Photography.

You might have seen my last post featuring my lovely friend, Jennifer, and her baby bump.  I would now like to introduce her beautiful bundle of joy, Emiko.  Emiko arrived not too long after Jen's maternity session.  Jen's little one's seem to have a knack for showing up a little early.    ;) Emiko was such an angel for our session, which took place when she was just 11 days old.   In case you are wondering, the name Emiko means "beautiful" in Japanese.  A very fitting name for a very beautiful little girl.


Congratulations to Jennifer, Eric and big brother Ethan on the addition to your family!  xo - denise

Jennifer. Maternity Photography.

Meet my beautiful friend Jen.  We go back thirty-something years and were bestest friends back in elementary school.  :)  I spent some time with her recently and had the opportunity to snap a few maternity pictures.  Jen had her baby shortly after these photos were taken, so I will have some newborn pictures to share in the near future.  


Jen...I'm so glad we got the chance to capture these images!  As always, you are a great subject to photograph.  xo - denise

Camila. Baby Photography.

Welcome to my first official post on my shiny new blog!  It was a little scary starting a new blog because...well, it's kind of empty!  But I already have quite a few recent projects that I am super excited to share, so I'm sure this will fill up in no time.  :) Up first, is the adorable, the beautiful, 6-month-old Camila.  Prepare to melt.

rochester, mi baby photography rochester, mi baby photography rochester, mi baby photography

Thanks to Camila's parents, Tony & Melissa, for inviting me to your home to document your beautiful family.  Camila is just a little angel!!

Thanks to everyone for visiting.  And, remember you can always visit my old blog if you would like to see more samples of my work.  Have a great day!