Lucia. Newborn Photography.

Meet Lucia.  She is the daughter of my friend and day-job co-worker, Kara, and her husband, Jim.  I sit right next to Kara ( 3 feet away from her), so I was convinced that Lucia already knew me when I showed up to take her photos.  After all, she had been hearing my voice for nine months.  :) I absolutely love when I get the opportunity to take newborn photos.  There is nothing quite like a tiny, new baby.  Everything about them is so miraculous, and they are only that tiny for such a brief period!!  I love getting to capture that precious time for a new family.

Lucia was born at the end of February, and her photos were done in March.  The transition to my new website/blog delayed me from sharing these until now.  The birth announcements went out long ago, but I still wanted to share a few images of beautiful Lucia.  Thanks to Kara & Jim for allowing me to capture these images of your little miracle!  xo ~ denise